VARNA :: Membership Details

VARNA membership registration will be in three categories and the details are as follows : -
     Yearly membership will be valid for one Calender year ending on December and can be renewed every year on January from the second year.Membership fee for the first year will be Dhs.100/= and the renewal fee from the second year will be Dhs.60/= per year.Now at the start the first year membership fee has to be paid at the time of registration and it will be valid through December 2003 and the renewal will be due on January 2004.

     Life membership will be valid until the member cancel the UAE residence visa and permanently return to native place. Membership will be further valid up to the life end, if the member is a participant of VARNA's investment schemes.Life membership fee will be Dhs.500/= which has to paid at the time of registration.

     Founder membership will be valid up to the life end and can be continued after his/her life by the nominee in UAE or native place. The founder member may be included in the managing committee of the investment scheme operational functions based on the investment ratio, which will be further explained later at the time of such project execution. Founder membership fee will be Dhs.1,000/= which has to be paid at hte time of registration.

Note(1) Membership registration form should be filled clearly and submitted to the treasurer or the nominated person with the following:- Photocopy of valid passport. 2 No.s Passport Size colour photograph. Membership registration fee.

Note(2) More details will be available in VARNA's operation procedures, which will be released, in a later stage.